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  1. Despite two burst tyres he drove off again and was eventually stopped by police-damaging a patrol car.
  2. One bomber remained grounded because of a burst tyre but the other 13 took off without incident.
  3. An American car races past them at high speed but it soon has to stop to change a burst tyre.
  4. Through central France they hit fog, then shortly after Paris they had a burst tyre, requiring the use of their only spare.
  5. A burst tyre gives Hannay his chance to escape, but only having one hand to drive with, he crashes the car, forcing him to wander through the bleak Scottish Highlands handcuffed to Miss Fisher.
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  7. Using only the rudder-the ailerons had jammed-he makes a wide circuit and touches down at ~ 200 knots ( 370 km / h ), coming to a stop just short of the end of the runway with a burst tyre.
  8. Having got Sergeant Burney aboard, he attempted to take-off but suffered a burst tyre and crashed the aircraft . Both he and Burney walked across the desert for four days, avoiding large enemy patrols, to reach safety with a Guards unit.
  9. Travelling to the USA for the 1914 Indianapolis 500 Mile, Chassagne with his riding mechanic A P Mitchell in  Spotty a 1913 Sunbeam G . P . car, qualified at 88.310 mph but crashed on the twentieth lap due to burst tyre.
  10. The overall lead fell away as Rem Fowler suffered a number of problems with drive belts and spark plugs and on lap 7 crashed at nearly 60 mph due to a burst tyre at the " Devil's Elbow " on the Kirk Michael to Peel section of the course.

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