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  1. From the design point of view, TCP Wave is based on burst transmission paradigm.
  2. Officials noted, for example, that there was no burst transmission device in his car.
  3. By extending a radio mast, a submarine can also use a " burst transmission " technique.
  4. A burst transmission takes only a fraction of a second, minimizing a submarine's risk of detection.
  5. Since burst transmissions from different ONUs now may have different line rates, this method is termed " dual-rate TDMA ".
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  7. Or a special radio can be used to send a burst transmission giving the target's coordinates to air traffic controllers overhead.
  8. Using a PRC112 hand-held radio transponder, an airman can send out burst transmissions, lasting under one second, on one of five frequencies.
  9. Burst transmission, however, enables communications between data terminal equipment ( DTEs ) and a data network operating at dissimilar data signaling rates.
  10. This was needed because Soviet submarines began to use wide-band burst transmissions in the early 1960s to make themselves more difficult to pinpoint.
  11. This communications system often employs recorders to transmit pre-recorded messages in real time or in burst transmissions, which minimize the time that a spy needs to be on the air.
  12. Each Air Force plane is equipped with a special radio, the GPS Hook 112, which will make a " burst transmission " telling rescuers the exact location of a downed pilot.
  13. However, it does not make sense for burst transmissions like satellite internet access or telemetry, since a customer would have to pay for the satellite bandwidth even when they were not using it.
  14. In such cases, the voice may simply be an aid to tuning to the correct frequency, with the actual coded message being sent by modulating the tones, using a technology such as burst transmission.
  15. Concerning wireless keyboards, the wireless data burst transmission can be used as an electromagnetic trigger to detect exactly when a key is pressed, while the matrix scan emanations are used to determine the column it belongs to.
  16. First, a US intelligence officer gave detailed grid-map coordinates of the site and information about the target in a " digital-burst transmission " _ a voice message encrypted and sent out in milliseconds so it is almost impossible to intercept.
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