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  1. When radio waves are bounced off these trails, it is called meteor burst communications.
  2. Meteor burst communications faded from interest with the increasing use of satellite communications systems starting in the late 1960s.
  3. System performance has increased over the years, mainly due to a better understanding of meteor burst communication characteristics and improved equipment.
  4. A more recent study is the " Advanced Meteor Burst Communications System " ( AMBCS ), a testbed set up by SAIC under DARPA funding.
  5. In Alaska, a similar system is used in the Alaskan Meteor Burst Communications System ( AMBCS ), collecting data for the National Weather Service from automated weather stations, as well as occasional data from other US government agencies.
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  7. Since the facts of nuclear warfare also seemed to indicate that High Frequency ( HF ) Radio propagation might be disturbed by unfamiliar nuclear effects, this led to the consideration of exotic technologies such as troposcatter and meteor burst communication links.
  8. "' Meteor burst communications "'( "'MBC "'), also referred to as "'meteor scatter communications "', is a radio propagation mode that exploits the ionized trails of meteors during atmospheric entry to establish brief communications paths between radio stations up to apart.

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