burst at the in a sentence

"burst at the" in Chinese  
  1. In actual practice the concept of impartiality often bursts at the seams,
  2. There always has to be a burst at the end of every route,
  3. A doctor removed her ovary when her appendix burst at the age of 13.
  4. The shell bursts at the appropriate height above ground.
  5. The Zimbabwean refugee ark of Johannesburg Central Methodist Church began to burst at the seams.
  6. It's difficult to find burst at the in a sentence.
  7. He can be seen almost nowhere else except in three-minute bursts at the Luna Lounge.
  8. When a pipe bursts at the caf? Anna and Fiz become worried about Roy's whereabouts.
  9. It was a matter of having enough in me to make a burst at the end.
  10. They burst at the seams with detail.
  11. Despite firing a 12 14 second burst at the enemy fighter, he did not see it crash.
  12. So it was up to me and I fired two or three short bursts at the target.
  13. One alternative is a fuse with an altimeter, to cause an air burst at the desired altitude.
  14. There, survivors of the counterattack, holed up in the craggy coral, fired occasional challenging bursts at the Marines.
  15. And she wanted each page to feel as if it were ready to burst at the margins ."
  16. We know that she has a tremendous burst at the end of her races, and she showed it today.
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