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  1. Iron cannons tended to burst apart, sometimes killing or severely maiming their operators.
  2. The hull bursts apart and great tentacles of vegetation spew forth.
  3. Granted, the structure of peace is rickety and various cease-fires could burst apart at any moment.
  4. Using their metal belt buckles, the Duo creates a spark and the exploding gas bursts apart the trap.
  5. The ERM, which aims to limit currency fluctuations, burst apart in late 1992 and mid-1993 under a wave of speculation.
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  7. Plunging into the river, Turtle assumes he is freed by some freak of water pressure, causing his sinking shell to burst apart.
  8. Colliding with a thunderstorm, the carriage bursts apart; Crackford and John tumble through space and crash through the ceiling of a dining room.
  9. The side of the planet bursts apart, and inside, the Man in the Planet struggles with his levers, which are now emitting sparks.
  10. Conglomerates are being broken up; shareholders are clamoring for their rights; the old stable links between managers, owners and bankers are being burst apart.
  11. Along with the alternate versions from Burst Apart, the EP also features a cover of PVT, and a new song featuring Cicci on vocals.
  12. A short mentioning that not everything bursts apart and some neutrons come late would hurt nobody . Stone 21 : 47, 20 February 2006 ( UTC)
  13. The stitches holding the boy's colon, stomach, liver and small intestine had burst apart with the swelling of his organs, and gangrene was spreading inside his abdomen.
  14. It bursts apart into hundreds of smaller stars, and all three go to work sweeping them to one side, with Bambino choosing a rake instead of either man's broom.
  15. Bruce Banner has the same relationship with the Hulk that a paper bag has with microwave popcorn : Both exist mainly to burst apart and unleash the main attraction.
  16. The illusion burst apart in 1989 when a strike by musicians failed to keep the Las Vegas hotel and casino owners from firing bands and installing synthesized sound sources in their place.
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