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  1. Burroughs corporation started as the " American Arithmometer Company " in 1886.
  2. Its systems included a command and control system developed by Burroughs Corporation.
  3. In 1980, SDC was sold by its board of directors to Burroughs Corporation.
  4. In 1986, Sperry Corporation merged with Burroughs Corporation to become Unisys.
  5. The "'Burroughs Corporation "'was a major American manufacturer of business equipment.
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  7. The Burroughs Corporation was also working on radar display consoles in the 1970s to 1980s.
  8. The Company was sold to the Burroughs Corporation, and integrated into its office equipment division.
  9. Burroughs's parents sold the rights to his grandfather's invention and had no share in the Burroughs Corporation.
  10. These intelligent terminals competed against IBM 3270 terminals, Honeywell terminals, Univac Uniscope terminals and Burroughs Corporation terminals.
  11. He employed high-level languages and a stack machine in his design of the Burroughs Corporation B5000 computer.
  12. He also worked for Honeywell ( now Groupe Bull ) and Burroughs Corporation ( now Unisys ).
  13. In 1980, SDC was acquired by the Burroughs Corporation and later merged with the Sperry Corporation to form Unisys.
  14. After his graduation at the University of Washington Chatfield had started his career in industry at the Burroughs Corporation.
  15. The six computer manufacturers were Burroughs Corporation, IBM, Minneapolis-Honeywell ( Honeywell Labs ), RCA, Sperry Rand, and Sylvania Electric Products.
  16. He remained with SDC following the Burroughs Corporation's acquisition of the company, and retired after growing the company successfully in 1984.
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