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  1. Aquapolaris plans to sell bulk water from the waterfall in unspecified new markets.
  2. From 10 March 2014, the Sydney Catchment Authority was absorbed into Bulk Water NSW
  3. There are also bulk water stations instead of bottled water.
  4. A recovery column removes bulk water, and acrylonitrile and acetonitrile are separated by distillation.
  5. Water Boards have historically been the only bulk water providers.
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  7. British Columbia killed the deal and imposed a provincewide ban on bulk water exports.
  8. Bulk water tariffs differ from one city to the other taking into account production costs.
  9. "We are definitely working against bulk water exports, " he said of his company's lobbying efforts.
  10. The bulk water supply infrastructure is owned by NamWater, a public entity operating under commercial principles.
  11. Furthermore, it owns shares in two bulk water providers, Sorical in Calabria and Sicilacque in Sicily.
  12. ONEE charges tariffs for the supply of bulk water to the private operators and the R間ies.
  13. In a characteristic pore containing for an example, water, the bulk water exhibits a single exponential decay.
  14. Global went to Alaska after the British Columbia government last year banned the export of bulk water.
  15. The cost for bulk water before distribution losses would be more than US $ 0.50 per cubic meter.
  16. The government buys desalinated water from private operators at high prices and resells the bulk water for free.
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