buero in a sentence

  1. He was elected to the seat vacated by Antonio Buero Vallejo.
  2. Spanish playwright Antonio Buero Vallejo and poet Alvaro Mutis of Colombia were finalists for the prize.
  3. He knew writer as escritores como Antonio Buero Vallejo, and Antonio de Hoyos y Vinent.
  4. It is based on the play " Un So馻dor Para Un Pueblo " by Antonio Buero Vallejo.
  5. Buero Vallejo is also survived by one of their two sons; their other son died in a car accident some years ago.
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  7. It is based on " Un so馻dor para un pueblo " ( A dreamer for the people ) by Antonio Buero Vallejo.
  8. Performances of the play itself in the US are rare; for example, none of Buero Vallejo's plays has been presented on Broadway.
  9. Buero Vallejo's most recent work was " Mision en el pueblo desierto " ( " Mission in an Empty Village " ).
  10. She was part of the production of En la ardiente oscuridad by Antonio Buero Vallejo, which had its triumphant premier in December 1950 at the Teatro Mar韆 Guerrero.
  11. Other translations and adaptations include works by Calderon de la Barca, Lope de Vega, Antonio Buero Vallejo, and contemporary dramatists Veronica Musalem, Abilio Estevez, and Silvia Pelaez.
  12. Buero Vallejo, whose work was distinguished by a commitment to freedom and justice, was among a small circle of Spanish intellectuals who remained in Spain as dissidents during the Franco dictatorship.
  13. One of Buero Vallejo's stage effects in this play is the darkening of the theater during a crucial conversation between Ignacio and Carlos to simulate for the audience the experience of blindness.
  14. It was a " lost chance to do something interesting in Europe, " said Lo Breier, a partner in the graphic design and advertising agency Buero X, based Vienna and Hamburg.
  15. Rylan is one of the artists featured in " Totally Wired, " a documentary about Andreas Schneider's infamous boutique electronic musical instrument shop,'Schneider's Buero', in Berlin.
  16. Eug閚io de Andrade was also translator of works by Federico Garc韆 Lorca, Antonio Buero Vallejo, the classical Greek poet Sappho ( " Poemas e Fragmentos " in 1974 ), and also of works by Yannis Ritsos, Ren?Char, and Jorge Luis Borges.
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