bruno family in a sentence

  1. The Bruno family left Togo for Paris in 1976 and opened Le Mono.
  2. During the early 1960s, the Philadelphia family was officially recognized as the Bruno family.
  3. All the Bruno family prisoners were paroled.
  4. On November 23, 1936, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied the various Bruno family petitions for retrials.
  5. The real question is why members of the Bruno family should have any special claim on good state jobs.
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  7. Bruno himself is no longer associated with Bruno's Supermarkets, nor are any other Bruno family members.
  8. Six members of the Bruno family were eventually found guilty of multiple murder charges in four trials, with Bruno and his brother Phil receiving life sentences.
  9. Bruno family descendants have spent more than 30 years trying find out why their trust property, with all its valuable oil, was sold by the government trust manager.
  10. Manna was displeased over John Gotti's unsanctioned hit of Castellano and his accession as new boss, but he continued discussing the takeover of the Bruno family operations.
  11. In 2006, Bruno's Supermarkets which had undergone a series of financial struggles, various ownerships, and the loss involvement by Bruno family members announced it would reduce its sponsorship commitment to the tournament.
  12. His entree into the DiNorsico family, an annex of the larger Bruno family in Philadelphia, was Pat Kelly, a consigliere for the DiNorsico group who had been busted and turned informant rather than serve lengthy prison time.
  13. "You're looking at the grandchildren of the original Indian allottees, and we're dealing with the grandchildren of the Oklahoma Sooners, " said Johnny Flynn, a descendant of the Bruno family and a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.

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