brown stain in a sentence

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  1. Q . I have a brown stain on my gray granite countertop.
  2. If you stain it a light color, those brown stains can occur.
  3. Spilling through the broken roof, rain has left brown stains on the walls.
  4. The knots are bleeding through, lighter than the dark brown stain.
  5. The latex tends to impart brown stains on whatever it contacts.
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  7. I was told that I can't restain over this wire-brushed dark brown stain.
  8. The teeth then turn yellow, develop brown stains and finally crumble into pieces.
  9. The teeth then turn yellow, develop brown stains and crumble into tiny pieces.
  10. My beautifully painted walls are getting all kinds of brown stains.
  11. After a few hours, the paste flakes off, leaving a reddish brown stain.
  12. A local painter applied an oil primer, then a brown stain of some kind.
  13. Oh, yes, the dreaded cedar bleed, those brown stains that appear on light-colored surfaces.
  14. The house is 70 years old with a dark brown stain on the shingles.
  15. Its wings are of yellowish-green colour with brown stains.
  16. The treatment for this golden brown stain is the same as for the dark one.
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