bring forth in a sentence

"bring forth" meaning  "bring forth" in Chinese  
  1. These seeds bring forth four giant trees that begin to summon Gaia.
  2. There is nothing like adversity to bring forth the best in us.
  3. We want to bring forth all that the patient is capable of.
  4. Contrarily Azerbaijan is not against an investigation to bring forth the truth.
  5. It wasn't like more discussion was going to bring forth another idea.
  6. It's difficult to find bring forth in a sentence.
  7. Asmodel helped bring forth the armies of hell to Earth itself.
  8. Appeared in The Sabre Squadron, The Judas Boy and Bring Forth The Body.
  9. The next " National Oblate Youth Encounter " would bring forth some changes.
  10. Appeared in Places Where They Sing and Bring Forth The Body.
  11. Many blacks think that he is going to bring forth Kenya s independence.
  12. "It's my job to bring forth issues where we are not in compliance,"
  13. A cult forms to bring forth a new dark lord by killing Soma.
  14. By following God's will, Americans could bring forth the millennial kingdom.
  15. It's only that having her info in one place may bring forth more.
  16. We trust that the world will awake and bring forth life once again.
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