bridges in budapest in a sentence

  1. PetQfi Bridge is the second southernmost public bridge in Budapest.
  2. It is the second southernmost public bridge in Budapest.
  3. Margaret Bridge is the second permanent bridge in Budapest after Sz閏henyi Chain Bridge.
  4. Margaret Bridge is the second northernmost and second oldest public bridge in Budapest.
  5. It is the second-northernmost and second-oldest public bridge in Budapest.
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  7. Margaret Bridge became the second permanent bridge in Budapest after the Sz閏henyi Chain Bridge.
  8. In 2009, she designed the lighting of Elisabeth Bridge in Budapest, Hungary.
  9. This is the only bridge in Budapest which could not be rebuilt in its original form.
  10. He designed the PetQfi Bridge in Budapest ( 1933 37 ) and also directed the widening of Margaret Bridge.
  11. In response, the taxi drivers paralyzed traffic, when they blocked the main bridges in Budapest with their cars.
  12. Liberty Bridge is the third southernmost public road bridge in Budapest, located at the southern end of the City Centre.
  13. It has since been converted to a club and koncert venue located at the Buda foot of the PetQfi Bridge in Budapest.
  14. A bridge in Budapest and a street in Sofia, Bulgaria also bear his name, as well as the asteroid 4483 Pet鰂i, a member of the Hungaria family.
  15. The bridge was designed by J醤os Feketeh醶y in 1893; he built several bridges on the Danube, including the Liberty bridge in Budapest and the Elisabeth bridge between Kom醨no and Kom醨om.
  16. The Chain Bridge, along with all the other bridges in Budapest, was blown up by the retreating Nazis in the last days of World War II in 1945 and had to be rebuilt.
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