bridges house in a sentence

  1. Donald Terner, president Bridge Housing Corp ., San Francisco.
  2. Bender was a founding director of the nonprofit BRIDGE Housing Corporation.
  3. Donald Terner, president Bridge Housing Corp ., San Francisco
  4. The three houses were Bridges House, Chandos House and Rodney House.
  5. Around this time, the Council also helped create Bridge Housing Corporation.
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  7. Donald Terner, president Bridge Housing Corp ., San Francisco, California.
  8. She served as chair of the Bridge Housing Society.
  9. There are three houses at Bridge House : Helios, Olympia and Alexandria.
  10. The Japanese School of London previously occupied the Camden North Bridge House building.
  11. The site of the Stadium is now an open space, Bridge House Meadows.
  12. The New Hampshire Governor's Mansion is known as " Bridges House ".
  13. The Bridge House Estates became part of the City's jurisdiction in 1282.
  14. Bridge House is an English-medium school.
  15. Bridge House currently owns 28 hectares of land after receiving an additional donated 18 hectares.
  16. The house has a lodge, Bridge House or Ty Bont, at Pont Aberglaslyn.
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