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  1. Agriculture serves as a bridge for peace in our relations with the Palestinian Authority,
  2. Welcome to the march that will be a bridge for peace and the vindication of indigenous people,
  3. One organization in the Voices group, Bridges For Peace, is a Christian group that operates the only food bank in Israel.
  4. Fox has made ending the conflict a top priority and said he welcomes the march as a " bridge for peace ."
  5. That his blood is the bridge for peace with the Israeli people, " said Johnny's father, Yousef Thaljieh, an unemployed house painter.
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  7. Clarence Wagner, director of the evangelical foundation Bridges for Peace, said the statement was an important step toward understanding between Jews and Christians.
  8. Gadhafi lectured Europe on its colonial misadventures in Africa and promised to use the Mediterranean as a bridge for peace between the continents.
  9. Agriculture can serve as a " bridge for peace " in the present conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, Israel's agriculture minister said Tuesday.
  10. At a press conference Monday, the Arabs said they view themselves as a " bridge for peace and reconciliation " between the two peoples.
  11. "The continued, viable existence of the Jewish people is important to us, " said Clarence Wagner, director of the evangelical Bridges for Peace organization.
  12. In March 1987, a group of delegates from the Soviet Union, sponsored by Bridges for Peace, met with 400 Englewood third, fourth and fifth graders.
  13. President Vicente Fox told the nation Friday that he welcomed a march by leftist rebels to Mexico City, calling the event " a bridge for peace ."
  14. Bridges for Peace, the oldest Christian Zionist group, has contributed more than $ 20 million to immigration and social-assistance programs in Israel over the last five years.
  15. The combined support for Israeli programs from Christian Zionist groups runs into tens of millions of dollars a year, said Bridges for Peace chairman and president Clarence Wagner.
  16. Brian Schrauger, writing for Bridges for Peace states that the two opinions are " two seeds, two fruits " that represent an internal disagreement in the Lausanne Movement.
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