bridges creek in a sentence

  1. Her district covers Bridge Creek, Moore and South Oklahoma City.
  2. But now, there is a whole lot less to Bridge Creek.
  3. There was never a whole lot to Bridge Creek.
  4. Asheton M . Darnell, 3 weeks, Bridge Creek
  5. The young couple settled on the Bridges Creek property.
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  7. At least 12 died in the Bridge Creek area.
  8. Additional waterfalls are upstream along Tumalo Creek and a tributary, Bridge Creek.
  9. There was no electric power to Bridge Creek, no water and no phones.
  10. Kara Wiese, mid-20s, Bridge Creek
  11. James A . Rawlings, 73, Bridge Creek
  12. The dead identified Thursday included two people from the rural community of Bridge Creek.
  13. Polley was the assessor for the Town of Bridge Creek and was a Republican.
  14. Naomi J . Rawlings, 73, Bridge Creek PJames Russell Reeves, 33, Norman
  15. Shortly below Park Creek the river receives Bridge Creek, one of its main tributaries.
  16. Doppler radar measured wind speeds of in this tornado when it was near Bridge Creek.
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