bridges conference in a sentence

  1. The Bridges Conference is an annual conference on connections between art and mathematics.
  2. The bridge won the Gustav Lindenthal Medal at the International Bridge Conference in 2003.
  3. Three of the BRIDGE conferences resulted in books published by the Geological Society of London, presenting in greater detail the science reported at the meetings.
  4. He has lectured at the Architectural Association, London, the Leonardo Science and technology Museum, Salt Lake City, and at the Bridges Conference 2016 in Finland.
  5. Akin began to call for a " Great Commission Resurgence " in his preaching at the November 2007 Building Bridges Conference held at Ridgecrest Conference Center in western North Carolina.
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  7. He was the recipient of honors including Roebling Awards from the American Society of Civil Engineers and, for a lifetime of achievement, from the International Bridge Conference of 1989.
  8. The bridge has won several awards, including the 2007 International Bridge Conference in Pittsburgh, and the 2006 Dutch national award for building in steel ( the " Nationale Staalprijs " ).
  9. Chan won the Gustav Lindenthal Medal for this project at the 2003 International Bridge Conference in Pittsburgh due to " . . . outstanding achievement demonstrating harmony with the environment, aesthetic merit and successful community participation ".
  10. Some attendees at a 2009 bridge conference held by the NZTA in Auckland remarked that a bridge would be more beneficial to Auckland in some ways, and would have reduced operating costs compared to a tunnel solution.
  11. And it's true that, even though Pittsburgh doesn't have any exceedingly long or famous crossings, enthusiasts devote Web pages to local bridges, and that an international bridge conference is held here each year.
  12. In 2002 the bridge received an award at the International Bridge Conference for " . . . outstanding achievement in bridge engineering that, through vision and innovation, provides an icon to the community for which it was designed ."

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