bridged in a sentence

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  1. Dyke Bridge has crumbled in the last quarter of a century.
  2. Traffic heading for the Tappan Zee Bridge backed up for miles.
  3. A whopping 1, 200 bridges span the canals of Amsterdam.
  4. Director Mike Binder ( " Crossing the Bridge,"
  5. To many, such efforts have helped bridge a cultural divide.
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  7. About 20 parties have expressed interest in the bridge so far.
  8. Walk from Fisherman's Wharf to the Golden Gate Bridge.
  9. The only difference is I found the bridge over troubled waters.
  10. To date, both window and bridge are still under construction.
  11. Talks continued Sunday to bridge the wide gap in contract demands.
  12. Quaker Bridge arranged a slightly smaller space for Halloween Adventure Shops.
  13. I have always wanted to see a New England covered bridge.
  14. But it's all water under the bridge ."
  15. Being able to talk with Joe kind of bridged that gap.
  16. Naturally, Poag says he would like to build a bridge.
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