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  1. That ability to adapt and bridge groups has never left him.
  2. He established the Stars-Bridge group which supports the development of Russian Contemporary Art.
  3. She later found comfort in Valdosta through a bridge group that played once a week.
  4. "I'm not part of the bridge group or anything, " she said in a deposition.
  5. The initiative, the Bridge Group, has close ties to Bain but is a legally separate nonprofit organization.
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  7. Mrs . Blair frequents a biweekly bridge group and both enjoy the regular wine and cheese nights.
  8. St . Lawrence's parish is now part of a single Stockton, part of the Bridges Group of parishes.
  9. Indeed, more than one-third of Bain's 2, 400 full-time professionals have volunteered to work at the Bridge Group.
  10. They reported that using thin vinyl bridging groups aid performance by minimizing the interaction methane-COF at low pressure.
  11. The bridge group's clip file includes write-ups from Sports Illustrated and the front page of the Wall Street Journal.
  12. The Bridge Group began with an idea sketched on the back of napkins at a Mexican restaurant in Silicon Valley.
  13. Nossaman is a member of The Bridge Group, a non-exclusive network of law firms in the United States and Europe.
  14. The Bridge Group will analyze the donations, trying to show the foundation how to get results that further its agenda.
  15. The Church of England parish church is dedicated to Saint Leonard and is part of The Bridges Group of local churches.
  16. Zeskind said the CCC plays the role of a " bridge group " that connects openly racist right-wing groups to pragmatic politics.
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