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  1. The resistance can be set using a bridge circuit.
  2. To measure such resistances, requires a bridge circuit designed to work with four terminal resistances.
  3. Most common application is as a null indicating instrument in AC bridge circuits and current comparators.
  4. Bridge circuits were a common way of measuring component values by comparing them to known values.
  5. Earlier, Meacham had used light bulbs in bridge circuits to stabilize and linearize oscillators in 1938.
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  7. The "'Wien bridge "'is a type of bridge circuit that was developed by Max Wien in 1891.
  8. Hello, I was looking at the Wheatstone Bridge circuit wiki : Wheatstone _ bridge and I'm a little confused.
  9. Bridge circuits could be used with standard voltage cells, standard resistances, inductances or capacitances to measure or adjust other secondary standards.
  10. There are bridge circuits that are not rectifiers; and there are talk ) 00 : 15, 7 December 2013 ( UTC)
  11. At the time of the Wien bridge's invention, bridge circuits were a common way of measuring component values by comparing them to known values.
  12. He began traveling the bridge circuit many years ago, en route to becoming a life master in 1988 at age 11, the youngest ever.
  13. Blubaugh, known on the bridge circuit for his long-running criticism of the league, was barred from formal competition for 19 months for allegedly cheating.
  14. A : Michael Shalhoub, born April 10, 1932, in Alexandria, Egypt, is Omar Sharif of the silver screen and Omar Sharif of the bridge circuit.
  15. Schering is remembered for invention of the Schering Bridge, which is an AC bridge circuit used to measure capacitance and the dissipation factor of capacitors.
  16. Series PDM modulators are used in solid state transmitters also, but the circuits are somewhat more complex, using push pull or bridge circuits for the RF section.
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