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  1. As a result, 18 oxygen atoms were used as bridging atoms between the metal atoms.
  2. It is bright yellow and in the solid state is present as a planar dimer,, with two bridging atoms.
  3. The longer leg ( with three bridging atoms ) connects to the apex of the pyramid, and symmetry is lost.
  4. The third sulfur atom, S3, is bound to just two gallium atoms and is thought to be a bridging atom.
  5. The new isomer is a planar structure with one bridging hydrogen atom and one terminal hydrogen atom, cis to the bridging atom.
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  7. This anion links the gallium atom such that its tetrahedral environment is not altered, but what was a tricoordinated S atom now becomes a dicoordinated bridging atom.
  8. PCPDTBT differs from PSBTBT caused by the difference in bridging atom between the two polymers ( C vs . Si ), which implies that better morphologies are achievable with PCPDTBT : PCBM solar cells containing additives as opposed to the Si system which achieves good morphologies without help from additional substances.

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