bridgeburners in a sentence

  1. The few dozen surviving members of the Bridgeburners, led by Sergeant Whiskeyjack, are sent to try and undermine the city from within.
  2. Even then, the Empire suffers severe losses, including the near total destruction of a legendary infantry unit in its 2nd army, the Bridgeburners.
  3. He is the putative leader ( his rank goes up and down ) of the " Bridgeburners ", an elite unit of soldiers in the Malazan Empire.
  4. Moon's Spawn is greatly damaged during the attack on the Pannion, and the fallen Bridgeburners, along with the leader of the Black Moranth, are laid to rest inside it.
  5. An elite Malazan military unit, the Bridgeburners, is the focus for this storyline, although as it proceeds their erstwhile enemies, the Tiste Andii led by Anomander Rake and the mercenaries commanded by Warlord Caladan Brood, also become prominent.
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  7. Fiddler meets a Tano Spiritwalker, a mage who uses song to work spells, who offers a song of power that may grant ascension to the Bridgeburners, whom he believes fought honorably in their empire s dishonorable war to take the Seven Cities.
  8. The remaining Bridgeburners ( including Paran who with Dujek's help is listed among the casualties ) retire to Darujhistan to open a bar, where the epilogue shows them listening to the Imperial Historian Duiker tell the story of the Chain of Dogs.
  9. The Bridgeburners reach Coral first and blow their way into the city with Moranth help while Quick Ben, with the Bargast Shaman Talamandas ( whom he rescues from a spirit trap ) and the support of Hood, evades the Pannion poisoning of the warrens in order to trap the Seer.
  10. Sideplots involve the Mott Irregulars, Bauchelain and Korbal Broach's necromancy and repeated drubbings by Quick Ben and the Bridgeburners, love emerging between Whiskeyjack and the Tiste Andii Korlat, and the Seguleh and Tool having to be repeatedly dissuaded from testing their prowess against one another by Lady Envy.
  11. Kalam reaches Laseen s audience chamber where she s concealed, as he accuses her of killing the Bridgeburners deliberately ( she denies it ), outlawing Dujek ( it s a ruse ), killing Dassem Ultor ( true but he threatened civil war ), killing Dancer and Kellenvad ( true but the Empire required it ), and incompetence in the Seven Cities ( revenge is afoot ); he leaves after hearing her defense.

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