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  1. But his bridgebuilding is one of a thousand points of light in a future darkened by uncertainty.
  2. Wages and material costs for the bridgebuilding were borne by the Electoral Court Chamber ( " kurf黵stliche Hofkammer " ), while the communities and the " Amt " were expected to lay on the materials.
  3. These practices may involve a supported employment service provider ( professionals ) to understand how to customize employment and provide supports, school personnel in transition, or it may involve an approach similar to bridgebuilding and person-centered community development.
  4. The event, entitled " In Good Faith : Stories of Hope and Resilience ", highlighted hundreds of bridgebuilding projects undertaken since September 11, while also paying tribute to the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim families of 9 / 11 victims.
  5. The IJMF, an international music competition with 24 bands, was a big success for the band, as they were the band with the most awards : booking for the F黵th festival ( in 11 ), the jury award for the biggest contribution to cultural bridgebuilding and the audience prize.
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  7. During the winter of 1944 45, while A Troop experimented with using SLC radar to direct LAA guns, the rest of 474 S / L Bty was frequently deployed in detachments to provide movement light to various formations  for example, for laying or lifting minefields, bridgebuilding, or fighting patrols.
  8. The brotherhood " Fratres Pontifices " ( " Bridgebuilding Brotherhood " in English ), or " Fr鑢es Pontifes ", is said to have been founded in the latter part of the 12th century by St . B閚閦et ( a hospices at the chief fords of the principal rivers, besides building bridges and looking after ferries.
  9. :: I'm also curious about " paradoxical " interactions; oxidative stress can cause loss in connections between epithelial cells as cells try to " protect " themselves and shut down intercellular connections, but administering hydrogen peroxide at 200 micromolar in a primary astrocyte culture apparently stimulates bridgebuilding by promoting F-actin polymerisation . wtf ? talk ) 02 : 57, 12 September 2010 ( UTC)

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