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  1. The only disagreement is over language and it is extremely bridgeable.
  2. We want to see if differences of view are bridgeable or unbridgeable,
  3. It is presumably bridgeable by the wisdom and knowledge that the library symbolizes.
  4. I think it is bridgeable _ barely.
  5. But the few hundred thousand that separates the two sides is probably a bridgeable gap.
  6. It's difficult to find bridgeable in a sentence.
  7. These differences are to some degree bridgeable.
  8. The disagreements sound marginal and bridgeable.
  9. But success depends on the extent to which subtle differences in tone and approach are bridgeable.
  10. The complete range would have four bridgeable amplifier channels and an integrated monitoring and control network.
  11. The great cultural divide seems less bridgeable than the Atlantic when it comes to the perspiring arts.
  12. To an outsider that might seem a bridgeable difference, yet peace is by no means guaranteed.
  13. He noted there were gaps between the two sides, but said the Clinton administration considered them bridgeable.
  14. In 2003, Powersoft released a compact two-channel bridgeable output stage : the No Power Supply module.
  15. Coleraine is situated at the lowest bridgeable point of the River Bann, where the river is 90 metres wide.
  16. Top Netanyahu aide David Bar-Illan said " The only disagreement is over language and it is extremely bridgeable ."
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