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  1. The bridge operator's cabin is visible in the top of the bridge arch.
  2. An old stone bridge arches over a meandering stream that bisects the estate.
  3. The spans of the new bridge followed the contours of the existing bridge arches.
  4. After crossing over the bridge arch at its apex, we descended its west arch.
  5. The bridge arch was built in 1872 in eleven weeks.
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  7. Bridges arch over streams and ponds; fountains splash; birds serenade.
  8. The bridge arch consists of a single key stone.
  9. Across an expanse of deep blue, the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges arch above the East River.
  10. A large ornately carved cruciform embellishment has fallen from the bridge arch and lies downstream from the bridge.
  11. Over his shoulder, scores of others huddled in small knots under the bridge arch, the farthest ones barely visible in the gloom.
  12. One problem with the horse towing path where it passed under a bridge was abrasion of the rope on the bridge arch.
  13. The 75-foot bridge arches over Hook Creek, which runs through southeast Queens and into Nassau County, forming the border and feeding Jamaica Bay.
  14. Bridge arches are just the start of what I'm trying to do . talk ) 19 : 14, 25 April 2016 ( UTC)
  15. With a span length of, the segmental arch bridge Ponte Scaligero featured, at the time of its completion in 1356, the world's largest bridge arch.
  16. The Salginatobel bridge arch is long in total, and its main element is a hollow concrete box girder over the central part of the arch.
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