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  1. The bridge approach was lifted about 4 6 feet in some areas.
  2. As a result, the track circuit controlling the bridge approach aspect.
  3. Transit officials immediately posted a 15 mile-per-hour speed limit on the bridge approach.
  4. The fill Fargo built for the highway bridge approach cost roughly the same.
  5. Across the Sound in Nassau County, three alternatives were considered for the bridge approach.
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  7. In Massachusetts, the road is town-maintained except for the bridge approach, which is state-maintained.
  8. Passengers are transported around the station using 56 escalators, 26 elevators and two bridge approaches.
  9. He expanded the martial-law zone across the river, stationing guardsmen on both free bridge approaches.
  10. The old terminus by the bridge approach remained in use for football and other specials.
  11. Meanwhile, construction continued on the Tobin Bridge approach.
  12. This modification was made in 1834 / 5 and was undertaken for Bridge approach safety reasons.
  13. "It's infinitely easier to do this on a parkway or turnpike than on a bridge approach,"
  14. Jeffrey Street, being immediately adjacent to the bridge approaches featured prominently in photographs of the event.
  15. Construction on an interchange with the Delaware Memorial Bridge approach at Farnhurst began on July 12, 1950.
  16. No southbound entrance was provided, but the adjacent Main Street Bridge approach provided access in that direction.
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