bridge and tunnel in a sentence

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  1. Bridge and tunnel tolls would rise 50 cents in March 1996.
  2. City officials closed most bridges and tunnels to and from Manhattan.
  3. _$ 176 million in road, bridge and tunnel repair;
  4. The teams hang posters on signs near bridge and tunnel exits.
  5. One potential problem is the merges at bridge and tunnel entrances.
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  7. Bridges and tunnels will account for 7 percent of its length.
  8. Electronic surveillance of bridges and tunnels was intensified, he said.
  9. It processes the cash received at bridge and tunnel facilities also.
  10. Chesapeake Bridge and Tunnel Authority, $ 50 million of debt securities.
  11. Airports were reopened, along with some bridges and tunnels.
  12. Maritime port and bridge and tunnel security would cost $ 190 million.
  13. _Avoid populated areas, bridges and tunnels while driving.
  14. Bridges and tunnels were 34 percent over; roads, 20 percent.
  15. Major bridges and tunnels into New York were also closed for hours.
  16. Patrols around city landmarks, bridges and tunnels were strengthened.
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