bridge across in a sentence

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  1. Close by, his bridge across the Tagus is another beauty.
  2. The first bridge across the Mississippi River was built in 1855.
  3. The first railroad bridge across the Mississippi was built in 1856.
  4. On September 18, 1906, a bridge across the Chicago.
  5. The swinging bridge across the James River in Buchanan, Virginia.
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  7. The original bridges across the fourth canal were numbered in order.
  8. There is small bridge across the stream that empties the lake.
  9. The first bridge across the Moruya River was erected in 1876.
  10. Other stones were used in the bridge across the North Fork.
  11. There is an arched Roman bridge across the South Calder nearby.
  12. The path there is a narrow bridge across a deep ravine.
  13. One of the curiosities is a wooden bridge across the lake.
  14. Access to the fort was by draw bridge across the moat.
  15. The Rasau Bridge across the Belait River is a toll bridge.
  16. It was located on High Bridge across the Harlem River Valley.
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