bridge across forever in a sentence

  1. "The Bridge Across Forever " is a book by Richard Bach.
  2. The show was part of the tour to support the band's second studio album, " Bridge Across Forever ".
  3. The material was later rewritten and recorded by Transatlantic on their first two albums, " SMPT : e " and " Bridge Across Forever ".
  4. She featured significantly in two of his subsequent books : " The Bridge Across Forever " and " One ", which primarily focused on their relationship and Bach's concept of soulmates.
  5. Though " SMPT : e " contained the 31-minute opus " All of the Above ", the band's second studio album, 2001's " Bridge Across Forever ", found the band flexing their muscles further in the long form for which progressive rock is known.
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  7. :: Outside Wikipedia, three books I can immediately think of which you might also enjoy are : " Only love is real " ( Dr Brian Weiss ), " The Invitation " ( Oriah Mountain Dreamer " note this is the book, not the poem of the same name " ), and " The Bridge Across Forever " ( Richard Bach ), all touching on the same isssues from different perspectives.

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