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  1. It starred Brian Aherne, Madeleine Carroll, Gibb McLaughlin, and Gordon Harker.
  2. This high-profile film also starred Montgomery Clift, Anne Baxter, Karl Malden and Brian Aherne.
  3. He was the elder brother of the actor Brian Aherne.
  4. MGM originally considered Brian Aherne and Rosalind Russell to play the film's lead roles.
  5. Brian Aherne played the captain; Michael Rennie was narrator.
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  7. Houston married three times, the second was to the actor Patrick Aherne, the brother of Brian Aherne.
  8. It stars Merle Oberon and Brian Aherne.
  9. In this particular case, it is " Hired Wife, " 1940, with Robert Benchley and Brian Aherne.
  10. Basil Rathbone played Romeo, while Brian Aherne took the part of Mercutio, and Edith Evans played the Nurse.
  11. When McClintic was in London, he was able to secure Brian Aherne to play the part of Robert Browning.
  12. Her first marriage was to actor Brian Aherne, in 1939 in Del Monte, California; they divorced in April 1945.
  13. Audience members included Katherine Cornell, Brian Aherne, No雔 Coward, George Balanchine, Lincoln Kirstein, Doris Humphrey, Charles Weidman and Sally Rand.
  14. It was such a success that Cornell took the production to the National Theatre on Broadway starring herself and Brian Aherne.
  15. ""'Safety First " "'is a 1926 silent comedy film directed by Fred Paul and starring Brian Aherne, Queenie Thomas and Mary Brough.
  16. The 1939 film " Juarez " featured Paul Muni as Benito Ju醨ez, Bette Davis as Empress Carlota, and Brian Aherne as Emperor Maximilian.
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