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  1. He continued to raise show and breeding cattle through 1948.
  2. Panama only imported 40 head of breeding cattle during 1997.
  3. During his early career he was involved in breeding cattle and race horses.
  4. Breeding cattle in oil palm plantations, BUSINESS TIMES
  5. Spain has banned imports of French breeding cattle.
  6. It's difficult to find breeding cattle in a sentence.
  7. Australia only imports breeding cattle from Canada and does not buy any meat products.
  8. McCray became interested in breeding cattle and began building a herd of specialized breeds.
  9. Some pastures are also intended for breeding cattle.
  10. Like other Ahirs, the community were traditionally graziers, rearing and breeding cattle.
  11. He also experimented with cross-breeding cattle.
  12. Swiss authorities decided Thursday to halt the import of all breeding cattle at least temporarily.
  13. As part of this program, families were allocated farms, breeding cattle and technical help.
  14. Agriculture in Asino in dominated by rye, wheat, flax grasses, and breeding cattle and pigs.
  15. Southern Alberta's first herd of breeding cattle supplied Morleyville's residents with meat and milk.
  16. Live cattle will only be able to enter the United States in sealed containers, and no breeding cattle will be allowed.
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