breeding bureau in a sentence

  1. Masterman was later given to the Canadian Breeding Bureau by Boden in September 1908 for use as a sire for cavalry horses.
  2. Belmar was standing at the farm of T . L . Watt in Westchester County in 1908 as a stallion for the breeding bureau.
  3. For more than a decade owner Joseph Widener had been donating stallions to the Breeding Bureau of the Jockey Club including Hurryoff's grandsire, Maintenant.
  4. The Great Depression affected all aspects of horse racing and in 1933 yearling prices fell to record lows, and in August 1934 Widener gifted Hurryoff to the Remount Association and the Breeding Bureau.
  5. Japan's environment, historically, did not foster horse breeding practices, thus after the Russo-Japanese War of 1904 1905 the government established a breeding bureau that imported Australian and English stallions, establishing a new local stock.
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