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  1. The summer months bring breeding birds to the wetland areas and saltmarsh.
  2. Breeding birds have two long feathers on the sides of the nape.
  3. The Ottawa Breeding Bird Count will conduct its inaugural season in 2007.
  4. There is a diverse breeding bird community including lapwing, snipe and redshank.
  5. The orange-billed babbler is a resident breeding bird endemic to Sri Lanka.
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  7. Other breeding birds include common teal, Red Data Book ( Birds ).
  8. This is a common breeding bird in marsh environments and well-vegetated lakes.
  9. That breeding distribution is confirmed by the USGS Breeding bird survey data.
  10. However, in Britain it is now virtually extinct as a breeding bird.
  11. Thankfully there are no breeding birds in the island at the moment,
  12. There are over 100 species of breeding birds, including marsh harrier, habitat.
  13. Breeding birds have white lower underparts with some black mottling on flanks.
  14. Ireland has a relatively low diversity of breeding birds due to its isolation.
  15. There are breeding birds such as great spotted woodpeckers and sparrowhawks.
  16. In Norway, geolocators have revealed that adult breeding birds migrate to West Africa.
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