breeding bird survey in a sentence

  1. That breeding distribution is confirmed by the USGS Breeding bird survey data.
  2. Invasive Breeding Bird Survey ( BBS ) routes.
  3. A "'breeding bird survey "'monitors the status and trends of bird populations.
  4. One of the most important accomplishments by Robbins is the methodology of the North American Breeding Bird Survey.
  5. In 2002, a breeding bird survey was conducted on the reservation in order to inform management of Quinebaug Woods.
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  7. Robbins is author of an influential field guide to birds and the architect of the North American Breeding Bird Survey.
  8. The hard-to-master skill is needed to help conduct a breeding bird survey in the state this month.
  9. The best evidence came from the North American Breeding Bird Survey, organized in 1966 by the Fish and Wildlife Service.
  10. Population trends have been measured through springtime Breeding Bird Surveys and, in the northern breeding range, springtime singing-ground surveys.
  11. A total of 25 species of birds were observed at the Tantiusques during the a breeding bird survey which was conducted in 2008.
  12. The North American Breeding Bird Survey is a joint project of the United States Geological Survey ( USGS ) and the Canadian Wildlife Service.
  13. But knowledge about the bird's past is scant because it was seldom included in basic research, such as the Breeding Bird Survey.
  14. While there are ups and downs, the annual Breeding Bird Survey shows no evidence of a major population change across the state from 1970 to 2000.
  15. His contributions to the field include co-authorship of an influential field guide to birds, as well as organizing the North American Breeding Bird Survey.
  16. From 1966 to 1993, their numbers increased by 0.9 percent a year in North America, according to the federal government's Breeding Bird Survey.
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