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  1. "Buteo " s are typical accipitrids in most of their breeding behaviors.
  2. There is no recorded information on the Lnai hookbill's breeding behavior.
  3. They also differ in their breeding behaviors, such as the number of offspring.
  4. It is not certain if this constitutes actual breeding behavior.
  5. Spotted sunfish exhibit similar breeding behavior to other sunfishes.
  6. It's difficult to find breeding behavior in a sentence.
  7. For information on breeding behavior of soras, see.
  8. The breeding behavior of eight species in " Indicator " and " Prodotiscus " is known.
  9. Research on red-bellied piranha breeding behavior in nature has revealed certain behavioral patterns around nesting sites.
  10. This hybridization likely occurs due to their similar breeding behaviors, such as communal use of gravel nests.
  11. Like many fish, males of " Lepomis punctatus " may exhibit one of two different breeding behaviors.
  12. The breeding behavior of CMSs has not been directly observed, but most likely occurs on the forest floor.
  13. They generally lay two to four eggs, although the breeding behavior of the bay hornero is virtually unknown.
  14. His pioneering work on Wilson's petrel and research on the breeding behavior of penguins earned him a Cambridge doctorate.
  15. Little is actually known about the breeding behaviors of this animal, due to the difficulty of finding and tracking specimens.
  16. Male Mozambique tilapias synchronize breeding behavior in terms of courtship activity and territoriality in order to take advantage of female spawning synchrony.
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