breeding back in a sentence

  1. This type of selective breeding is called " breeding back ".
  2. Breeding back is not to be confused with dedomestication.
  3. And there is a Wikipedia article on it, " breeding back ".
  4. However, World War II marked the end of Vetulani s " breeding back " project.
  5. TaurOs Project formed to achieve a breed of cattle which is closer to the aurochs than previous breeding back attempts.
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  7. Therefore, there is no certainty of success with a breeding back attempt and the results must be reviewed with caution.
  8. Beginning in the 1930s, several attempts have been made to re-create the tarpan through selective breeding ( see Breeding back ).
  9. Beginning in the 1930s, several attempts were made to develop horses that looked like tarpans through selective breeding, called " breeding back " by advocates.
  10. With his brother, Lutz Heck, who was director of the Berlin Zoological Garden, he worked on two breeding back projects to recreate extinct species.
  11. Or are you rather asking about " breeding back " Meganeura and such ?-- talk ) 03 : 54, 15 February 2009 ( UTC)
  12. Today, if one traces a beast's registered breeding back far enough one or more of these studs'names will come up with bloodlines back to 1933 imports ".
  13. It is not truly possible for a breeding back attempt to actually recreate an extinct wild type that is the breeding target, as an extinct wild type cannot be resurrected via selective breeding alone.
  14. A . Scientists and livestock breeders have used such techniques, called backbreeding or breeding back, to try to save a disappearing animal; related techniques are used to try to reconstitute an extinct type.
  15. For large herbivores, a sufficient predator population would also be necessary to support such a process, but this predator population is largely not present in today's Europe, where many breeding back projects are conducted.
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