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  1. The lake is one of the biggest heron breeding areas in Europe.
  2. The mountain habitat was consistent with that found on the breeding area.
  3. This forest is an important breeding area for the Spotted ground thrush.
  4. The estuary is a significant breeding area for local marine fish species.
  5. The island is also an important breeding area for many bird species.
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  7. These new breeding areas usually surround the original montane core areas.
  8. Surveys in breeding areas count ten times as many as in the 1970s.
  9. Its main breeding area is in Groningen ( province ), Netherlands.
  10. Sado is famous as the major breeding area for the Japanese crested ibis.
  11. Waterfowl generally remain until mid-April before beginning their journey north to breeding areas.
  12. It is a significant bird, sea lion and great white shark breeding area.
  13. Its northernmost breeding area is found in the Black Forest of southwestern Germany.
  14. West of Sylt a breeding area of harbour porpoises is located.
  15. The range differs between breeding areas, migration routes, and winter roosts.
  16. The distribution of this species breeding areas covers Europe, Asia and Africa, ).
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