breeding animal in a sentence

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  1. Young but already breeding animals may be markedly smaller than adults.
  2. They do this by sending more of their breeding animals to market.
  3. By 1910 the Verband recorded 12, 000 breeding animals.
  4. I guess we do have a commitment to help with breeding animals in captivity.
  5. People started breeding animals for certain traits because they understood that could be possible.
  6. It's difficult to find breeding animal in a sentence.
  7. Humans have been selectively breeding animals ( and plants ) for thousands of years.
  8. :: Which if consistently applied would of course preclude breeding animals in general.
  9. The mushrooming interest in elk ranching has sent the price paid for breeding animals soaring.
  10. We are always breeding animals with the idea of returning them to their natural environment.
  11. That's for breeding animals.
  12. This ambiguity leads to breeding animals for cosmetic reasons rather than for health and behavioral soundness.
  13. In other cooperatively breeding animals, like dwarf mongooses, stress is thought to play a role.
  14. The artifact depicts scenes of daily life, such as people farming on fields and breeding animals.
  15. The government supported increased milk output by importing breeding animals and constructing large dairies and processing facilities.
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