breeding age in a sentence

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  1. African pygmy mice reach breeding age at about 6 to 8 weeks.
  2. The breeding age is normally toward the end of their life spans.
  3. What possible genetic advantage is there to surviving beyond breeding age?
  4. The only gorilla on display is a 37-year-old female long past breeding age.
  5. Queensland lungfish can be very fast-growing, yet with a delayed first breeding age.
  6. It's difficult to find breeding age in a sentence.
  7. Yaku, who is nearing breeding age, will become the only male in Chicago.
  8. Eventually, they'll reach breeding age and start raising their own families out there,"
  9. That's pretty serious because we don't reach breeding age until mid-teens.
  10. All six of the exhibit's male chimpanzees in breeding age have had vasectomies.
  11. A panda's prime breeding age is between 5-8 years old.
  12. Females reach breeding age at six to 9 years.
  13. The breeding age for heifers is 24 28 months.
  14. The only gorilla currently at the zoo is a 37-year-old female long past breeding age.
  15. And only about one in 100 Pennsylvania bucks reaches the prime breeding age of 4.
  16. Believed to be more than 21 years old, Shi Shi was past his breeding age.
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