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  1. Many new varieties come from the Netherlands, a hotbed of breeding activity.
  2. The Indian Stud Book maintains records of all thoroughbred breeding activity in India.
  3. The breeding activity and reproductive phenology of toads, however, are cued by moonlight.
  4. More breeding activity in the autumn results in large overwintering nymphs.
  5. Breeding activities usually start in March and go on until August.
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  7. They breed all year round, with a peak of breeding activity in August April.
  8. All breeding activities except for giving births had been confirmed as of January, 2016.
  9. Schnell's breeding activities were mainly directed to the two open-pollinated cereals rye and maize.
  10. Around the year 2000, Sitiawan residents began to be involved in swiftlet bird breeding activities.
  11. Breeding activities take place between February and June.
  12. Only one adult occupies a given burrow system, except for a brief period during breeding activity.
  13. During the remainder of the year, the penguins are preparing for and engaging in breeding activity.
  14. In 1959 one of Jacob's sons, Piet, started the first plant breeding activities of the company.
  15. This may be linked to breeding activities but at other times it has no known cause.
  16. He also collaborated with the U . S . Department of Agriculture in plant breeding activities.
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