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  1. Their lives instead are being taken away during a breech delivery.
  2. It's like a breeches part in Shakespeare ."
  3. Also, we update the security breech at the airport Thursday.
  4. Any breech of the law will be dealt with without mercy.
  5. Each requires a totally different type of breech to the other.
  6. It's difficult to find breech in a sentence.
  7. The locked breech design was selected for further development and testing.
  8. The first was invented by Model 1819 Hall Breech Loading Rifle.
  9. This comprised a shako, light blue tunic and red breeches.
  10. Additionally, the older stamped slides feature a removable breech block.
  11. The US doctrine calls for this round to be a breech.
  12. With his last words, Emelyan admitted to stealing the breeches.
  13. They also converted muzzle-loading guns to breech-loading.
  14. The model 1871 included a locking bolt in the breech mechanism.
  15. The cannons were later replaced with safer breech-loading types.
  16. One of the tests at caused an explosion in the breech.
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