breech loaded in a sentence

  1. The first breech loaded Wahrendorff gun was manufactured at 舓er in 1840.
  2. The guns were breech loaded with two cloth bags of smokeless powder.
  3. These were the first breech loaded rifles used in the British Army, and the original cartridges had a cardboard case.
  4. In 1854 the Swedish Army adopted three different types of smooth bored breech loaded Wahrendorff guns, in calibers from 155 to 226 mm.
  5. In 1869, Bavaria adopted a design by Johann L . Werder based on the Peabody dropping block action, to replace the breech loaded Linder.
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  7. The colony's artillery holdings the following year were four 12-pounder breech loaded ( BL ) guns and two 2.5-inch rifled muzzle loaders ( RMLs ).
  8. The room has been modified since 1872 and was used as a casualty clearing station in 1932 / 33 when the battery was re-gunned with the 6 inch breech loaded MK7 guns.
  9. In field artillery, breech loading allows the crew to reload the gun without exposing themselves to enemy fire or repositioning the piece ( as was required for muzzle-loaded guns ) and allows turrets and emplacements to be smaller ( since breech loaded guns do not need to be retracted for loading ).
  10. The Krupp "'C64 "'( sometimes "'C / 64 "') steel, breech loaded field gun ( 8cm caliber, 4 pound projectile, 3800m range ) was one of the main artillery pieces of the Prussians in the 1870-1871 war with France.
  11. Ships, such as " Mary Rose ", carried a mixture of cannon of different types and sizes, many designed for land use, and using incompatible ammunition at different ranges and breech loaded, from the back, and equipped with simpler gun-carriages made from hollowed-out elm logs with only one pair of wheels, or without wheels entirely.
  12. Additionally, the conversion of naval armament from smoothbore, muzzle loaded, black powder cannons to rifled, breech loaded guns further slowed the production of new chain shot ammunition; the chain would damage barrels ( degrading maximum range, and further degrading effective range by degrading accuracy ), and the new breech loading guns and their ammunition were meant to be effective against armored vessels as well as wooden sailing vessels.

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