breech buoy in a sentence

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  1. A breeches buoy was then sent out but became tangled and snarled.
  2. The competition simulates an actual breeches buoy rescue situation.
  3. The Rocket Crew rescued the entire crew from the stricken vessel using a breeches buoy.
  4. The Breeches Buoy is a life-ring with " britches " sewn onto the ring.
  5. Up on Newporth head, the Coastguard had arrived and was setting up a breeches buoy.
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  7. Her skeleton crew of seven were rescued by the Hartland Lifesaving Company, with their breeches buoy.
  8. The cask made it to shore and the surfman placed the line for the Breeches Buoy in the cask.
  9. A breeches buoy line is then shot from a helicopter and rigged to the adjacent World Trade Center north tower.
  10. In the interim the beach cart had arrived and it was decided to try the breeches buoy to effect a rescue.
  11. Twenty nine crew were saved by hauling them from the ship's mast to the cliff top by Breeches buoy.
  12. Using rockets a hawser was made fast and by two o'clock 102 people had been landed by breeches buoy.
  13. The breeches buoy had been in existence on the island since 1901, but had never been used prior to this.
  14. However, an explosion severs the lines to the breeches buoy, causing Simmons and others to also fall to their deaths.
  15. As the breeches buoy was connected to the stricken trawler, she lurched and rolled onto her side, jamming all the gear.
  16. With the assistance of local residents Captain James and his men rescued the entire crew by rigging a breeches buoy to the stricken schooner.
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