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  1. The second variant, M1977, had a more practical vertical sliding wedge breech block.
  2. When the breech block contacts the locking shoulder, it stops, locking the breech.
  3. ;Pointer : sear in the breech block is at the other.
  4. He noticed that the breech blocks of naval guns with delayed-blowback breech lock.
  5. The vented gas drove a piston which in turn actuated the breech block.
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  7. In later models the A-19 gun was modified to have a semi-automatic breech block.
  8. In 1867 the British war office adopted the striker passing through the breech block.
  9. Additionally, the older stamped slides feature a removable breech block.
  10. It is a 73 mm low pressure smoothbore semi-automatic gun with a wedge breech block.
  11. These were built-up guns with a tube, partial-length jacket, hoop and vertical sliding breech block.
  12. From there, he can watch the actions of the powder-man, projectile-man, breech block, and rammer.
  13. Due to its low recoil force and lightweight breech block, can be used on light-weight aircraft.
  14. Once the ships were interned, their guns were disabled through the removal of their breech blocks.
  15. Later substitution of brass sliding wedge breech blocks.
  16. The newer milled slides are a one-piece unit and do not have a removable breech block.
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