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  1. Born in Brooklyn, N . Y ., she was a breech birth.
  2. Further risk factors include breech birth, gender, genetics ( family history ), and firstborns.
  3. In her midwife work she utilized herbs and prenatal massage to deliver breech births.
  4. Related to potential head trauma, researchers have identified a relationship between breech birth and autism.
  5. It was a breech birth, and Steve had to get her to the hospital quickly.
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  7. Some prohibit lay midwives from handling breech births, which some doctors believe usually warrant Caesarean sections.
  8. It is important for the birth attendant to be knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced with all variations of breech birth.
  9. This sudden compression and decompression in breech birth may cause no problems at all, but it can injure the brain.
  10. Though vaginal birth is possible for the breech baby, certain fetal and maternal factors influence the safety of vaginal breech birth.
  11. They said Cryns knew it might be a risky feet-first breech birth and that it should have taken place in a hospital.
  12. It seems odd to describe this story _ with its religious fanaticism, bursting pustules, breech births, opium addiction and such _ as uplifting.
  13. In addition to the above, breech births in which the sacrum is the fetal denominator can be classified by the position of a fetus.
  14. While retired Cronk hosts study days alongside fellow independent midwife Jane Evans; the pair disseminate information on unusual but normal births, including Breech Birth.
  15. In childbirth, " vertex birth " refers to the common head-first presentation of the baby, as opposed to the buttocks-first position of a breech birth.
  16. Defense attorney Jim Harrison argued that the Verzis knew the risk of home delivery and that Cryns had warned them it might be a breech birth.
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