bree walker in a sentence

  1. -- Lampley and his wife Bree Walker are on the September cover of San Diego magazine.
  2. Home / family : Lives in Hollywood with wife Bree Walker, a KNBC anchor, and two children.
  3. In 1988, Jensen's on-air demeanor was brought into question over an incident involving fellow WCBS anchor Bree Walker.
  4. Several new characters were introduced in recurring roles, most notably John Carroll Lynch as the escaped convict Varlyn Stroud and Bree Walker as Sabina the Scorpion Lady.
  5. Another controversy involved an exchange between Jensen and co-anchor Bree Walker, whose fingers and toes are fused together as a result of the condition ectrodactyly.
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  7. KGTV also made history by being the first station in San Diego with a female anchor team on its 11 : 00 p . m . newscast, featuring Carol LeBeau and Bree Walker.
  8. Jon shares the on-camera narrator duties with Bree Walker for the feature-length documentary film, " Save KLSD : Media Consolidation and Local Radio ", which premiered in April 2012.
  9. Bree Walker ( Sabina ) has ectrodactyly, a rare genetic disorder that results in fused fingers and toes; she approached the producers in the second season to let her play a " lobster gal ".
  10. ""'Without Warning " "'is an American CBS TV movie, directed by Robert Iscove, featuring veteran news anchor Sander Vanocur and reporter Bree Walker as themselves covering a breaking news story of three meteor fragments crashing into the Earth's northern hemisphere.
  11. Yet, because the film was shot on videotape, featured the word " live " on screen and was populated by such actual news pros as Sander Vanocur ( ex of ABC News ) and former KCBS anchor Bree Walker-Lampley, it's no surprise that the broadcast reportedly triggered hundreds of phone calls to news stations nationwide.
  12. Former spouse and news anchor Bree Walker said her relationship with Lampley led her to believe that " he's not capable of physical violence against anybody . " " Jim has been a wonderful father to all four of his kids, and has been a generous husband and ex-husband ", Walker said, " Any charges of battery would surprise me ."
  13. Douglas wrote and co-produced with Jon Monday the 2012 documentary, " Save KLSD : Media Consolidation and Local Radio ", narrated by Jon Elliott and Bree Walker, and featuring Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann, Amy Goodman, Van Jones, Richard Wolffe, Jonathan Adelstein, Robert Reich, Eric Klinenberg, David Shuster, Stacy Taylor and many others.

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