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  1. The missionaries moved to the Central Tabernacle, Bree Street, Johannesburg as the young Pentecostal movement grew.
  2. The Central Congregational Church was in Bree Street.
  3. Again, as a result of natural growth, the premises at the Bree Street School complex became inadequate.
  4. Thomas Thosa's lab on Bree Street downtown offers inexpensive processing for ProFoto II, plus a lounge, kitchen and lockers.
  5. The school outgrew its premises on 10th Avenue, Mayfair, and in 1992 moved to the old Bree Street School complex in Fordsburg.
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  7. Following his cricketing career, and after a stint as owner of trendy All Bar None on Bree Street, Cape Town, Schultz turned his attention to business.
  8. The City of Johannesburg decided to honor Mme Lilian Masediba Ngoyi by renaming the Bree Street in Johannesburg after her in 2014-the street named Lilian Ngoyi Street.
  9. At the trial Monday, witness Abraham Kuyani said he saw a car with two white men inside park on Bree Street in downtown Johannesburg on April 24, 1994.
  10. At the Herzog House, 131 Bree Street, a pedimental relief of Mercury as a boy ( circa 1790 ), was removed when the house was demolished in 1970.

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