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  1. Bree Hodge receives a motorcycle, intended as a present for Danielle.
  2. Angie takes a job at the catering company of her neighbor, Bree Hodge ( Marcia Cross ), and a friendship develops.
  3. He played an Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor in the second season of " Desperate Housewives ", becoming romantically involved with Bree Hodge.
  4. Mike told Susan that Bree Hodge's husband, Orson, had run him over, Susan furiously told Orson to stay away from her family and told Bree what happened.
  5. The series continues to focus on Wisteria Lane residents Susan Delfino, Lynette Scavo, Bree Hodge, Gabrielle Solis and Edie Britt, with Mary Alice Young returning as the series'narrator.
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  7. As she walks out of her house free she looks over the police line and sees her friends ( Susan Delfino, Bree Hodge, Gabrielle Solis and Lynette Scavo ) looking at her smiling.
  8. The deceased Mary Alice Young continues to narrate the events in the lives of her friends and Wisteria Lane residents, Susan Delfino, Lynette Scavo, Bree Hodge, Gabrielle Solis and Katherine Mayfair.
  9. In 2005 he was cast as Jesse Parker on ABC's " Desperate Housewives " as Sam, son of Rex Van de Kamp ( Steven Culp ) and stepson of Bree Hodge ( Marcia Cross ).
  10. Bree Hodge is furious when she finds out that her husband s mother Phyllis Van De Kamp has taken Orson tell Danielle how proud they are that she is raising the baby on her own, instead of going to that  party school in Florida, the one they no longer have any objections to her attending.

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