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  1. Tom's new " sex symbol status " helps him win the heart of his crush Justine Welles ( Bree Desborough ).
  2. When Travis and Rebecca leave for Canada, They take over the house and assume responsibility for Justine Welles ( Bree Desborough ) and Peta Janossi.
  3. Donald tries to evict Casey but Aaron's sister, Justine ( Bree Desborough ) tells her that he needs to give her two months'notice.
  4. They also take on the care of Pippa's remaining foster children Sam Marshall ( Teigan Brook ( Sally Marrett ) and Justine Welles ( Bree Desborough ).
  5. He later dated Justine Welles ( Bree Desborough ) and competed with his friend Vinnie Patterson ( Ryan Kwanten ) for Leah Poulos'( Ada Nicodemou ) affections.
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  7. Joel and Natalie take over the park when Travis and Rebecca move to Canada and they take over the care of Justine Welles ( Bree Desborough ) and Peta Janossi ( Aleetza Wood ).
  8. Among its students have included Brooke Mikey Anderson, Brett Blewitt, Brett Climo, Alyssa Jane Cook, Jamie Croft, Bree Desborough, Gavin Harrison, Matthew Krok, Toni Pearen, Paul Begaud, Charlie Robinson, Ben Unwin, Kym Valentine, Nikki Webster, Kristy Wright, Dominic, Sebastian and Rebekah Elmaloglou.
  9. David arrives in Summer Bay and secretly records a conversation between Gypsy and Justine Welles ( Bree Desborough ) and then records a conversation between Gypsy's father, Joel and uncle Will Smith ( Zac Drayson ) break into David's caravan and they discover newspaper cuttings featuring Joel and his return to Summer Bay.

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