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  1. The inhabitants then used the church at Long Bredy for burials.
  2. Thomas Hodges was the son of Thomas Hodges of Bredy, Dorset.
  3. It features as Port Bredy in the fictional Wessex of Thomas Hardy's novels.
  4. Grant married Marcia, daughter of the Reverend J . Richards, of Long Bredy, Dorset.
  5. The last rector of the chapel was Roger Bond who was appointed to it, along with Little Bredy in 1531.
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  7. Diarrhea is spreading _ both Ali and Bredy's children are sick _ and there is a risk of cholera outbreaks.
  8. The environs of Long Bredy have some prehistoric history, including a burial chamber known as The Grey Mare and her Colts.
  9. Hamad Karem Bredy complained as he watched women in enveloping black cloaks filing buckets and tin basins with water from a leaking pipe in Nasiriyah.
  10. The chapel of St James then came to the Mellers of Little Bredy who sold the tithes and part of the glebe to the Michels.
  11. Meller was the son of Sir Robert Meller of Little Bredy and his wife Dorothy Bailie daughter of Harry Bailie of the Isle of Wight.
  12. The name is not unique; there was a monolith with the same name recorded in the nineteenth century by antiquarian Charles Warne at Long Bredy in Dorset.
  13. He is commemorated on the War Memorial at Long Bredy in Dorset, close to Kingston Russell House, which had been purchased by his father in 1913.
  14. Haitian journalist Bredy Alexandre, however, said he saw the crowd grow aggressive and eventually it was broken up by the sound of gunshots from an unknown location.
  15. "We hear that they are going to help us, but we have yet to see it, " said Hamad Bredy, who was among the crowd collecting water.
  16. Bridport features as'Port Bredy'in the fictional'Wessex'of Thomas Hardy's novels, and is the setting for Eden Phillpotts'1918 novel " The Spinners ".
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