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  1. John held lands in Bredwardine and Bodenham of the Honor of Brecon.
  2. Following the time of the Norman Conquest the manor was granted to John de Bredwardine.
  3. She was the daughter of Sir Dafydd Gam and the widow of Sir Roger Vaughan of Bredwardine.
  4. Kilvert was Rector at St Andrew's church, Bredwardine until his early death in 1879.
  5. Bredwardine Court and Porthaml Mansion, two other ancestral homes of the Vaughans, have similar surviving roofs.
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  7. It lies across the River Wye from Bredwardine, but is joined with Monnington on Wye for civil parish purposes.
  8. It was formed from part of the urban district, Dore and Bredwardine Rural District, Hereford Rural District and Ross and Whitchurch Rural District.
  9. She married Sir Richard Vaughan of Bredwardine, in Herefordshire, the Court Farm and Dunraven estates then became part of the Vaughan family estates.
  10. Sir Richard was succeeded by his son, Sir Walter Vaughan ( 1500 1584 ), who inherited the three estates of Pembrey, Dunraven and Bredwardine.
  11. As Lady of Raglan Castle, Gwladys was able to entertain her guests and assist the needy and afflicted on an even greater scale than when the mistress of Bredwardine Castle.
  12. It is located between the villages of Dorstone and Bredwardine, and more generally between Hereford to the east and Hay-on-Wye to the west, at Ordnance Survey.
  13. Features include a brick bridge over the River Wye, a historic late 17th century coaching inn named the Red Lion, St Andrews parish church and the site of Bredwardine Castle.
  14. It is a short walk from Hay, the distance between bus stops, it can reached by walking or driving out of Hay towards Bredwardine, and turning right into Cusop Dingle.
  15. The diaries of Francis Kilvert extol the beauty of the local landscape of English river valleys sheltered by the Black Mountains between Hay on Wye and Hereford and it is Bredwardine where he is buried.
  16. "' 1950-1983 "': The Municipal Borough of Hereford, the Urban District of Ross-on-Wye, the Rural Districts of Dore and Bredwardine, and Ross and Whitchurch, and part of the Rural District of Hereford.
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